LEVEL 1: 49€

(children less than nine years old: 45€)


LEVEL 2: 52€


LEVEL 3: 60€


PICNIC: 8€ (order required): For special group offers please ask.

What to bring



Sport shoes;

Sun cream;

Proper food (sport bars, sandwich, dried fruits, nuts…) and water.



Cualified guide;

Technical gear;


Support vehicle.



Canyoning is the activity Sierra de Guara is best known for. It consists in descending a riverbed walking across the rock formations that the water has carved in the course of millions of years.


We will get ourselves into magical spots overcoming different natural obstacles, such as jumps into natural pools, natural sledges, and rappelling waterfalls. Canyons in Sierra de Guara are worldwide known for the colors and the temperature of their waters, and also for their limestone formations and their natural landscape and wild milieu.


The guide will introduce you to the characteristic flora and fauna of the place, endemic plants, carnivorous plants, vultures, and birds of prey will keep us company along the way. Guías de Guara offers you canyon descents for all levels and ages, get in touch with us and we will inform you about the choices and different activity programs available for you.


In Sierra de Guara you have more than sixty canyons to chose from, but the most representative ones are:


la Peonera,

Río Vero,

Oscuros de Balcés,




Gorgas Negras,

Cueva Cabrito,



Fornocal, and

Otín, among others.

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